Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki – Book Review – July 23, 2016


The novel, Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money, by Robert T. Kiyosaki is not the typical read.  It is a combination of personal account along with vast information that would make any middle to low income earner cringe.  The middle to low income earner cringes, because he realizes this man has known a secret that makes him millions and is easily attainable to all of us.

The how-to-book is a mixture of personal stories from Kiyosaki’s childhood and his adult life.  Although he is respectful of both of his dads, he does mention at times that he leaned more toward his rich dad’s belief system mainly because he produced results from his actions, such as investments, fortunes, etc. From the reading, one can tell that the poor dad had good intentions in raising his son and was a very hard worker; however, Kiyosaki wanted what his rich dad had attained.  Kiyosaki explains how he modeled his rich dad’s teachings and has been successful to this day.

In a very easy, straightforward style, Kiyosaki explains how one can attain wealth and assets.  He is quick to point out that those who spend carelessly will still find themselves paying for the luxuries that are wanted and not necessarily needed.  He is also adamant about learning financial lingo and terms if one wishes to understand how to make money work for oneself.  He acknowledges that many do not wish to take the time to learn such matters and he is correct in this statement.  Many people miss out on improving their financial status due to ignorance, not the opportunity to acquire a better income.

After finishing this book, I must admit that I am not a math person (even though I took higher level math courses in high school).  I tend to think in words since I am a writer and not necessarily in numbers.  However, after reading this book, I realize that the mentality or mindset which we have about money must change in order for us to be successful in our finances.

The book has motivated me to look for the opportunities which Kiyosaki suggests in acquiring wealth and to change the way I speak about money in front of my children. The rich or upper class do use money to their advantage and they teach this concept to their children by the way they handle their money in their daily finances.  All of his suggestions made logical sense and were reinforced with the personal examples he used in supporting his findings.

I would definitely recommend this book to any individual, especially those who consider themselves part of the middle to low income classes.  It is an insight into the world of the rich and a way for all of us to change our course of handling our money to better ourselves and our children.  Although guaranteed fortunes aren’t promised, by reading the book, one will learn how money can work for you in ways you never realized.


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