On Becoming An Author – September 25, 2015

6x9KDP300dpi (1)     A dream is about to come true.  I am going to be an author.

     For the longest time, I have waited for this moment.  I have accumulated stories, poems, ideas, in the hopes that someday I would take the next step and actually do something with these projects.  In between being a wife and a mother to four children, I have also taught for nineteen years at the same high school and have loved my life.  It has been a little hectic at times, but it is my life and I wouldn’t change it.

      However, somewhere in the back of my mind, I was always wondering, “When will my stories be published?”  “When will I have the time?”

     In my life, time is a rare commodity.  I realized that I needed to make the time to get my work done. So, this summer I finally decided to research and see what I needed to do in order to get my work published.  And by published, I meant self-publishing.

     I had read the stories of authors who had waited months, even years to try to publish their work through a traditional publisher.  It was a fairly easy decision to try self-publishing for my first novel and see where this road would take me.

     I hired a copy editor and began the process of editing my (what I thought was) final copy.  It was a very humbling experience to go through this process since I really thought I was clear in my writing.  Well, I was wrong and hiring someone to help me really take a look at my own writing was an eye opener.  She made writing seem flawless, which it definitely wasn’t. I also gave myself a deadline since I had most of the summer to get the final editing done.  I wrote early in the morning for hours, and then, I still had the rest of the day to spend time with my family. Meeting my deadline was one part of the process.

     The next part was developing an audience for my novel.  So, I began the process of connecting to people on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  I began posting my synopsis of the book and the cover.  Amazingly, my family, friends, former students, and strangers began to take an interest and the support I have received has been immense.  Since I have shared much of my writing with my students (through examples for essays, assignments, etc), it was no surprise that they knew I could actually write.  I also created an Author Page on Facebook to invite as many people to follow my project or further projects.

     I also created a Facebook group called “Unexpected Blessings,” which is devoted to sons or daughters who have lost the connection of a father and were unknown to them, due to a former girlfriend or spouse never letting them know of their child’s existence.  Since my novel, Always Connected, is inspired by real events, this idea of a father not knowing his child is not a foreign concept.  The fictional story line centers on a father who realizes he has a daughter twenty-six years later.  It is an intriguing story of twists and turns as this new daughter becomes part of his family.

      So, in a few days, I will embark on this journey as an author.  It has always been my calling after being a wife, mother, and teacher.  I have always known this day would come and I knew that I didn’t want to wait forever for it to take place.  So we’ll see where this takes me and hopefully, as time continues, there will be more novels to share and enjoy with my readers.

Take a look at Always Connected. You might be inspired to see life differently.  It is the story that changed my life in a second. It just might change you.


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