New beginnings – December 24, 2014

Although this is a new venture for me (blogging), the concept of writing has never been foreign in any way.  It has always been part of my world, since my first beginning in elementary school at Monroe Elementary, to my years as a high school student at Selma High School, and now to my experience as a high school English teacher.

Writing (along with reading) has always been the awe of new, alluring words and vibrant ideas that jump from a page to the mind of the reader.  It has been, and will always be, my first love.  In the back of my mind and heart, there has always been a voice ready to speak to the world, and not in the same way as a wife, mother, daughter, teacher, or any other role.  It has solely been the voice of a writer.  Now, I find that I am all of these roles and more, and still that same whispering voice has been urging me forward to this place, this blog, and hopefully, to other projects in the near future.

And so with this introduction, I begin my journey with you and hope you stay alongside me for the ride.    Although my life has never been perfect, in its own little way, it has emerged into this reality — what it was meant to be, my life.  My belief is that gratitude (for both the good and the bad in one’s life) draws us closer to the blessings we receive in our hearts. By blessings, I refer to such qualities as patience, love, forgiveness, compassion. It is these distinct blessings which help us understand the world and make our lives so grand.  It is a beautiful life which we have been given.


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